Authenticity of customer surveys?

We think customer is the king and they exactly know what they want. Hence, we believe that asking them about their preferences will make us develop products and services that would sell.

But are we aware of the fact that not necessarily customers always reveal the right kind of information in customer surveys. Likeliness of the purchase can be driven by many more factors and is often a relative activity. Often purchase is the result of random impulses. Similarly customer surveys can be at times misleading and certain variable factors should be taken into consideration.

Take for example a focus group discussion is being conducted by a company that intends to launch dog food. They have gathered 5 or more pet owners. All of them have different varieties of dogs. Every subject loves his or her dog dearly and would not tolerate any offence against their loved ones. On being asked about their dog’s agility with relation to the food they eat, each subject might start boasting about his or her dog, thus laying off the actual focus of the focus group.

Above was just a simple hypothetical situation, but likelihood of the same happening is very possible. Next time you conduct customer surveys or conduct a focus group, watch out for the control measures!

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